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why Brazilians and Argentinians hate each other?? is this a football thing or else?

It’s more a soccer thing than us having a real problem with Argentina. When it comes to soccer, Argentinians are pretty arrogant. And there was always a dispute among us because they insist on saying that Maradona was a better soccer player than Pele (which is not true). So we rather set ourselves on fire than having Argentina win in our own home.

The only complaint most people have about Argentina outside soccer is that they insist on acting like they aren’t South Americans, but Europeans. Like they are trying to deny their roots.

I saw what you wrote about Brazil! Let me tell you something, I'm not Brazilian but I support Brazil since 1998! & guess what? I still love this team!!! I watched the game I was really sad! But as you said the most annoying part that people are making fun of something that they know nothing about. Some people do not even watch football and they made fun of the team. It's hurtful to me, us and every TRUE fan. Yesterday I knew the real fans of Brazil. Até 2018πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’›

Awwww that’s so sweet, you’re making me cry!

about Jon being in the closet, maybe he was never in the closet with his family back home but he def was with his friends at school and coworkers like Lea. Nobody is obliged to tell their sexual identity, but for some it's hard not to be themselfs in public and keep lying, that's why he came out. it's the only thing he's talking about nowdays.

See here’s the thing. He never lied to Lea or to the other cast members. I remember pretty well Jon talking about how he told everyone from the cast before the show opened.

And I always felt more like no one bothered to ask him about his sexuality, not that he lied about it. Idk how to really express this in words. But there’s one interview that Jon himself said that, that the thing is no one cared or bothered to ask him.

I just feel like there’s a little shift in the story right now to sell Jon as “the gay actor” because of Looking and TNH but some thing just don’t sound quite right with some things that were said before he was in the spotlight. Idk, and it’s not a big deal anyway.

Even though I am a Germany fan and was happy to see them win, I agree with you. I think people are taking this win too far by making fun of crying children, and crying Brazilians in general. Also I definitely agree with you about David Luiz. He's an amazing player, even if Brazil isn't "my team" :)

I mean, even the brazilian people was making fun of the game on twitter and that’s ok. I just don’t like when people take it to far and try to humiliate our country. And also some people made some nazi jokes that were pretty disgusting.

And as Podolski said, brazil still deserves respect for all its history and how the legends that inspired almost every soccer player came from Brazil. Plus, we still have more Cups than every other team.

Thanks for this message, I have the upmost respect for the Germans. Classy people!

a gay person who has not told anyone(or in jon case to the public) of his/her sexual orientation is "in the closet". even if the public knew, and in Jon case just bc he dated Gavin, he would still be in the closet bc he didn't come out.

I don’t know why I only saw this now, but I have a legit question. I don’t go on telling people about my sexuality and neither my other straight friends. So why a gay person must advertise their sexuality to other people when it’s really none of their business?

Maybe I was wrong and ignorant on the matter, but I always considered being “in the closet” those who pretend to be straight and deny being gay.

And I only said that about Jon because he always said that he wasn’t “in the closet”. It was just weird reading him say something different now.

I love you so fucking much and I’m so proud of you.

Today was such a disappointing day.

I have to be truly honest and say that I never really believed that Brazil would win the World Cup, but to lose like that was just too painful.

It’s hard for people who aren’t brazilians to understand what happened. But the brazilian team was never at their best, the players were too inexperienced when it comes to a World Cup and the popular pressure was way too much for them since the very beginning. It was a long time since Brazil was hosting a World Cup and also the fact that we never won in our own country. Plus, with the unrest caused by the corruption during the preparation for the World Cup, there was also the pressure to bring happiness to the country, a country that suffered so much to host this competition and wanted the team to win so badly. You can see this in David Luiz speech when he said “I just wanted to make the brazilian people happy”. And they were so afraid to not being up to the challenge that it crippled them.

Then the thing with Neymar happened and we also lost our captain. The feeling was like they had given up already. At least how I feel is that they entered the game feeling like they already lost and when Germany started to score it became very clear to them and they didn’t fight to make things different.

And I didn’t care if brazil didn’t win the Cup, but HOW it happened that saddens me and I have no words to describe the feeling.

In other words, I had to unfollow some people that were being truly disrespectful to my country. Mock the game as much as you want, but don’t you dare to mock our people and our country. People posting pictures of the brazilian kids crying to serve as a laughing stock are just ridiculous.

And to finish this, I just need to say that Julio Cesar and David Luiz didn’t deserve this humiliation. And David Luiz remains to me the best soccer player and I truly admire him for winning and comforting the adversary and apologizing when they lost. I hope he gets another chance to make things different in the next World Cup.

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